The art studio is a place where creativity lives, there are bright colors and many interesting painting techniques. In the art studio “Lichtaryk” there are many paintings: abstract and objective, painted with oil or acrylic paints, watercolor or pastel, coffee or sand.

We all drew in childhood, and many really liked to draw. But with age, our relationship with drawing changed. The reasons for this were different: the lack of opportunity to go to an art school, uninteresting drawing lessons at school, or simply the disappearance of interest in creative activities. And if the last reason is objective and related to our interests, then the first two simply “pause” our relationship with drawing. An art studio for adults is designed to establish these relationships.

An art studio for adults is an integral part of the city’s atmosphere in recent years. If earlier you could meet your girlfriends in a restaurant, at a disco, at a concert or in the theater, now one of the most favorite places to meet your girlfriends has become the “Lichtaryk” art studio. Painting master classes in an art studio are both a creative vacation, an opportunity to meet close friends and regain faith in your creative abilities.

The artists of the “Lichtaryk” art studio build each master class so that even a beginner feels the power to create paintings. We specialize in working with people who have never drawn. We know how to talk about complex things in an interesting and understandable way. We can simply explain the main technical features and techniques. And so that the master class is not boring, we tell interesting facts about the history of technology, the combination of colors and artistic novelties in general.

An art studio for adults is a place where you can do more than just come and paint. Here you can meet friends, celebrate a birthday, come on a creative date or organize a family day of creativity.

An art studio for children is a favorite place for children to be creative, celebrate birthdays and discover new knowledge. Here you can learn a lot of interesting things, try interesting techniques and visit incredible master classes.

What master classes are there in the art studio?

Art studio “Lichtaryk” offers a number of interesting master classes in various painting techniques:

  • Oil painting is one of the classic techniques of painting on canvas. Oil painting is what people mean when they talk about “real art”. But you should not be afraid of oil painting. This technique is the most beginner-friendly. With oil paints, you can write smoothly or pasty, you can use brushes or spatulas. Oil allows you to paint a picture at once or paint in multiple layers. And most importantly, oil painting can be easily changed and inaccuracies corrected. So, oil painting opens up many possibilities and experiments.
  • Watercolor painting is considered one of the most difficult types of painting. The thing is that watercolor paint is very liquid and flows during work. And the basis on which we paint with watercolors is paper (although it is designed for watercolors, it is sticky and textured), it gets wet quickly and does not provide an opportunity to correct flaws. But regardless of this, we help you choose bright and uncomplicated drawings that are ideal for getting to know watercolor. The first times you work with this capricious technique, it is better to draw not on an easel, but on a table.
  • Fluid art is the most popular abstract painting technique of recent years. Her secret is that you don’t need to be able to draw to create pictures in this technique. It is enough to know the proportions of the combination of colors, the basis of the color and the filling technique. And we tell all this in detail at the master class. And we also know how difficult it is to choose the same color scheme and liquid acrylic pouring technique the first time. And this is not oil painting, fluid art does not accept correction. Therefore, at our master classes you will first have trial work. And if it is not perfect, then you should not be upset, because there is another picture ahead, where you can already take into account all the experience of the first attempt. And if the first painting turned out exactly as you wanted, then you will have two incredible paintings in one master class.
  • Botanical illustration is a variation on the theme of the watercolor master class, but here we draw flowers, leaves and other elements of the plant world. The history of botanical illustration, which originated within botanical science, is incredible. The first botanical illustrations were simply drawings of plants to complement botany books. However, the level of artistry of the illustrations grew to such an extent that botanical drawings boldly entered the category of art. The stories of botanic researchers are even more incredible. We will certainly tell about at least one such researcher at the master class – Maria Sibylla Merian – a woman who proved the existence of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly and went from Holland to Suriname in the 17th century to study and sketch the local flora and fauna.
  • Coffee painting is a new technique of drawing with coffee, cocoa and cinnamon. We owe this painting technique to the American couple Andy Saur and Angela Sarkely. It was they who developed the technique and the very process of coffee painting. For this painting in the “Lichtaryk” art studio, we use natural strongly brewed coffee – espresso or even ristretto, cocoa and cinnamon. That is, when working with coffee, we will use only one brown color, but with a large number of shades. This painting technique is relatively uncomplicated with very interesting material for creativity, and as a result, the drawings of the master class participants turn out to be extremely light and fragrant.
  • Painting on water – ebru is like a miracle. You draw not on canvas, not on paper, not on wood, but on water. We prepare special condensed water and give ultra-light paints that do not sink in water, and you draw amazing abstract pictures with an awl and a comb.
  • We tell about the history of ebro, its origins and technical features, as well as where and when it was used by the Persian kings. Three pictures are obtained per class, which can be transferred to paper and taken with you as a memory of an incredible experience.
  • Stained glass is painting on glass using stained glass paints and outlines. An ideal option for a children’s master class. Well, traditionally, in addition to painting itself, you will learn about what stained glass is. Classic stained glass is not like modern stained glass painting. However, this makes the process of painting on glass no less interesting. The glass on which you draw is immediately framed. So, you will have work ready immediately.
  • Pastel is a technique on the border between graphics and painting. Pastel pictures can be drawn with strokes or rub pastel on paper, forming smooth transitions of color. The basis for pastels is colored pastel paper.
  • Graphics – the technique is clear and requires carefulness of every movement. However, we do not offer printed graphics. Drawings made with liners and markers are not necessarily black and white, they can be made in color. Or make the graphic part monochrome, and then add color thanks to watercolor filling.
  • Sketching is a technique of quick sketches in mixed media, which will become indispensable on a trip. Sketching does not require perfect lines, but the sketch should convey the atmosphere of the place. We tell and show the features of creating quick sketches. You can make from one to three drawings per class (depending on the difficulty and your speed). And after understanding the idea and basic techniques, you will need a sketchbook, markers, liners, watercolors, brushes and a travel ticket to create new sketches.
  • Fashion illustration is also a kind of sketch, but not architectural or landscape, but fashion. We draw fashionable bows, beautiful dresses and favorite images with watercolors and place accents with markers and liners. An ideal master class for a meeting with friends.
  • T-shirt and bag painting is a fun and interesting textile painting workshop that is suitable for celebrating a birthday or a date. We draw with the help of a stencil, so the drawing is transferred to the fabric quite easily, and then it is already painted with acrylic textile paints. Such paints are waterproof, which means that things can be washed without problems. You can choose a picture to your taste and create a favorite thing in your wardrobe in one master class.
  • Petrykivka painting is a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting from the village of the same name Petrykyvka, which was included in the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO. We use authentic cat brushes, which we use to paint on wood, creating decorative compositions. And you will definitely learn more about Petrikovsky painting, its features and origin during the class.
  • Painting New Year’s toys is a seasonal master class that takes place in the studio every December. We paint Christmas decorations and create a tradition of creating Christmas decorations with our own hands. A great option for a family master class or a New Year’s corporate party. The spirit of Christmas lives here. Here we create a New Year’s mood with you.
  • Pysankarstvo is another seasonal master class that is held regularly during the month before Easter. We paint real blown eggs with the help of wax. No wooden eggs and acrylic paints. Instead, candles, wax and eggshells, getting to know traditions, studying symbols and immersing in the atmosphere of the biggest Christian holiday. A wonderful master class for a corporate party.

Why can you learn in an art studio?

Art studio “Lichtaryk” teaches not only to draw, but first of all, not to be afraid to try something new, to experiment and to fall in love with art. We see our task not only in making you draw with us, we want to open the world of art to you. Not only at lectures, but also at master classes, we tell about the history of this or that technique and interesting facts about artists.

There are different types of painting workshops. There are more than ten of them in our art studio. We do not want to stop only at classical techniques or work exclusively with new fashionable types of painting. Our art studio strives to give you a wide selection of master classes from classic oil painting to modern fluid art, from traditional oriental techniques of water painting to Petrikovsky painting.

Painting lessons at the “Lichtaryk” art studio are designed for beginners. We know how to explain everything in an accessible and interesting way, we provide all the necessary materials and set you up for a creative rest and relaxation. Come to drawing lessons and fall in love with creativity, find new hobbies or just relax.

Gift certificates to an art studio are the best gift you can give to a person who dreams of creativity but doesn’t dare to start. Come to our cozy art studio yourself, bring your family and friends and give yourself and your loved ones an impression. And we will do everything to make creativity and acquaintance with art a real holiday for you.